What is digital abuse?

Today we lead digital lives. We use mobiles, social media, email, shop online and much more. So, if someone wants to upset, scare or intimidate us they will use technology to do it. Digital abuse includes:

  1. bullying
  2. harassment
  3. stalking
  4. Partner and ex partner abuse
  5. trolling
  6. hate campaigns

All of these have elements are abusive behaviour

Why is it happening to you?

People harass and stalk for many different reasons. They:

  1. can't accept a break-up
  2. are jealous or controlling
  3. are infatuated
  4. want revenge
  5. enjoy hurting others
  6. are predators
  7. have mental health issues.


Step by Step Advice

We can help you understand how abusers use technology and what to do about it. We will show you how to secure your mobile, computer, tablets, wifi and those all important online accounts.