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Moving home - keep your new address off the public electoral register

Moving home - keep your new address off the public electoral register

If you move house be careful when signing up to the electoral register. Make sure you tick the box to opt out of the edited register under S11 - that is the marketing list they sell.

The government sells an edited version of the Electoral register for sales and marketing purposes. This information ends up on people-search websites like 192.com

Every year they send out a form to update your details. That form should always have an option to opt out of your details being sold to companies.

If you want to opt out before the next update form is sent out then resubmit your form.

Anonymisation on electoral role

As well as opting out of list, you can apply to be completely anonymised  if you move.

You need to send in application form which any council will have available and enclose either

1.       a current Non Molestation Order or Restraining Order OR if you don’t have one,

2.       you will need a Superintendent grade Police Officer to write a “Letter of Attestation” confirming that they consider you at risk and in need of anonymisation – they will also need to sign and date your application form too.

Coercive Control Behaviours

Coercive Control Behaviours

Guidelines: Technology Risks for Victims of Domestic Abuse and Stalking