How to make Facebook safer

How to make Facebook safer


We get it you like Facebook but you're worried. This guide will help you understand the risks of using Facebook when you are a victim of stalking or ex-partner abuse. We will take you through step by step on how to change your settings increase your security, privacy and safety. 

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I created this guide to help survivors of domestic abuse and stalking on how to use Facebook more safely. Social media helps survivors stay connected and get support, but it also be used by abusers and stalkers. This guide is to help you to understand the risk and change your Facebook privacy and security settings, reducing the risk of using Facebook.
It isn’t possible to make Facebook completely safe to use. But if you have a better understanding of the risks, how to manage your information and increase your security and privacy then you will be much safer. That is what we want, to make you safer when you use Facebook.

We also offer one to one consultancy, risk assessments and safety plans.