The Digital-Trust is delivering training for professionals to help them increase their digital knowledge, understand risks and how to help victims.  We know that with budget cuts it can be difficult for professionals to attend essential training.  We offer affordable bespoke training.


We can provide a range of courses on digital safety for victims of stalking, bullying, harassment, grooming, ex-partner abuse

We also provide advice on how to keep employees safe and reduce organisation risk and liabilities

This course is designed for anyone working with victims and/or children of domestic abuse

Digital Abuse includes


Who should attend?

  • DV Support workers                   
  • Social Services
  • Police DV, Public Protection
  • Charity, refugee workers
  • Health care professionals
  • Children’ safeguarding professionals
  • Housing associations


Wendy Green DV Coordinator Rushcliffe Borough Council

“The Digital-Trust course is excellent. The big advantage of this course is it gives a great overview of digital abuse. Jennifer is a leading expert on digital abuse, explains how abusers use the Internet, social media and mobiles in an easy to understand, non-technical way.”

  • Hacking accounts
  • Controlling mobiles & PCs
  • Surveillance
  • Malicious communications
  • Reputation annihilation
  • Monitoring victim, friends and family
  • The range of abuse victims suffer
  • Digital abuse before & after a victim leaves the home
  • How abusers get the information they need
  • Understanding digital footprints
  • The risks of using social media
  • How digital evidence is gathered
  • Advice for non-molestation orders
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Digital Abuse within Domestic Violence


  • Learn about the risks for domestic violence victims
  • How to identify when digital technology is being used
  • Understanding how abusers use the Internet, social media and mobiles
  • How to keep help victims stay digitally safe

compromised account leads to a vicious attack

Digital risks are not new. In 2008 Gail Hdili was blinded in one eye and left scarred by the "frenzied" attack by her ex-partner. Gail had left her abusive ex and found a place of safety. Her location was compromised by an online account: Gails partner knew her login details to her eBay account. He waited for her to buy an item and then used the new delivery address to find her.
Although the agencies working with Gail and her children had moved her to a place of safety they simply didnt realise the digital risks.
Today, online safety is of paramount importance, yet seven years on from Gails horrific experience many professionals working with vulnerable victims are still unaware of the need to have a safeguarding plan that includes digital.
Digital-Trust is here to help to make it easier to keep people safe and to step-by-step demystify the difficulties of staying safe online.