The people behind the Digital-Trust

The Digital-Trust is a Community Interest Company, a not-for-profit set up to provide technical expertise to victims of digital abuse and organisations working with them.

Harry Fletcher, Criminal Justice Director 

As a leading UK criminal justice expert with 30 years of experience, and ex NAPO Assistant General Secretary, Harry Fletcher, has joined the Digital-Trust, to help the criminal justice system meet the increasing challenge of digital abuse.

Harry is well known for working in partnerships to improve the criminal justice system. He has, and will continue to, champion a broad range of issues from domestic violence to probation privatisation to changes needed in the family court system.

However, he has identified that the biggest challenge today facing the criminal justice system is the impact that digital technology is having.  Harry will consider how technology is influencing criminality, risks, victimisation within today's criminal justice and victim support agencies. He will continue his successful work with Parliamentarians, government departments, police, probation, CPS and charities to help recognise and address new digital developments.

Harry wants to leverage his long term relationships and involve new partners so that Digital-Trust can offer world-leading advice on how to identify and combat digital, abuse so that victims are better protected.

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Jennifer Perry, Director - CEO Jennifer Perry is the UK’s leading expert on digital abuse, cyber stalking and harassment. She has been campaigning for the last ten years on e-victim issues. She has over 20 years in the tech industry.

She was one of the first to appreciate the dangers of digital, Jennifer produced the first UK-USA guidelines on cyber risks to domestic violence in 2009. She is the author of the Network for Surviving Stalking and the Women’s Aid national guidelines on Stalking and Harassment: Digital Stalking - A guide to Technology Risk for Victims. The guide has been adopted as the gold-standard guide for their members by ACPO, UK police, stalking charities and domestic violence groups. She has trained hundreds of police officers, social workers, DV professionals and probation officers on stalking and digital abuse.

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Roland Perry MA, Industry Relations Director

Roland has a degree in Engineering and Management Studies from Cambridge University. His early career was overseeing the designs for Amstrad, supplier of Europe's top selling personal computers in the 1980's. Roland has concentrated on the area of Internet regulation and governance since 1999, first as Director of Public Policy for the London Internet Exchange, and at RIPE NCC. His role was to assess, and contribute to, the development of global Internet Governance, and promote Enhanced Cooperation with governments,regulators and law enforcement.

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