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Partner and ex abuse is complicated

Partner abuse is focused around control. They use different tactics emotional, psychological, financial, threats or physical abuse. You will have experienced hundreds of incidents of different types of abuse. Victims are conditioned to respond, it's confusing and becomes difficult to determine what is normal or appropriate behaviour. The information below gives you information about abuse and there is a free e-book on coercive control. You may need to read these more than once as you begin to relate it to your own experience. We also urge you to get help from your local DV support group and report incidents to the police.

This is a film about Hollie Gazzard who was stalked and murdered by her ex-partner. Since her death, her family have founded a charity - The Hollie Gazzard Trust and one of the objectives is to raise awareness about stalking.

Understand when an ex-partner has gone from harassment to stalking is really vital. This video from is women talking about their experience of their ex being stalked.

When your partner can't accept the relationship has ended, they often begin stalking the ex. Advice about what to do if you think you're being stalked from expert Dr Lorraine Sheridan