CTAC - Cyber Threat Assessment Consultants

CTAC - Cyber Threat Assessment Consultants


If you are being stalked, harassed or if your reputation is being ruined don't rely solely on the police or a solicitor - you need to take action now. We can help you identify and stop the abuser from causing you more stress and damage.

Ray Castlehow, CEO of C-TAC

Ray has recently formed, ‘Cyber Threat Assessment Consultants’ (C-TAC) a company  that specialises in assisting private individuals and businesses with investigating, combating and disrupting online stalking, harassment and reputation damage.

Ray Castlehow served 13 years with the Royal Air Force in Mechanical Transport. After leaving the RAF he specialised in Road Traffic Accident Investigation. Over several years Ray established his reputation as an investigator throughout the Insurance and legal industries, specialising in insurance fraud investigation.

In 2005 he founded North by Northwest Investigations. Since its inception, the company has continuously expanded its UK operations to offer a broad range of Private investigation services — which complement its work within the insurance industry.  In recent years the company has grown significantly and as a consequence it has expanded its portfolio into the commercial investigations sector.

Ray is a regular public speaker on the topic of Insurance Fraud investigations as well as other aspects of Commercial investigation work. He wrote and directed an information training DVD film. The DVD called ‘Collision’ deals with the subject of staged road traffic accidents. Ray is also the co-author of the book, ‘So you want to be a Private investigator’.

Stalking - Harassment

The most com­mon strat­egy of a cyber stalker/harasser is to attempt to dam­age the rep­u­ta­tion of a vic­tim by cir­cu­lat­ing infor­ma­tion which claims to expose some aspect, be it real or fic­tional, of the victim’s life. By doing this the cyber stalker hopes to cause the great­est amount of embar­rass­ment and grief to the vic­tim. In sit­u­a­tions like this clients have ben­e­fit­ted from a num­ber of ser­vices that we provide:

Trac­ing the Cyber Stalker

CTAC can help you trace and iden­tify the per­son that is harass­ing you online, dis­cover the rea­sons you are being tar­geted and assist you in rem­e­dy­ing the situation.

Evi­dence Collection

Log­ging the inci­dents of harass­ment and gath­er­ing nec­es­sary evi­dence is vital in cases of harass­ment. We can advise and help you gather evi­dence against the person(s) harass­ing you.

Online Rep­u­ta­tion Audit

We will carry out meta-searches via search engines and Social Net­works to uncover and record any neg­a­tive con­tent writ­ten about you. Once you are aware of any neg­a­tive con­tent you will be bet­ter pre­pared to deal with the mate­r­ial appropriately.

Rep­u­ta­tion Management

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Our sys­tem of social net­works is invalu­able in assist­ing you to reclaim your rep­u­ta­tion and cred­i­bil­ity. With our assis­tance you can have any con­tent that can’t be removed, buried so far down the search engine results that it becomes vir­tu­ally invisible.

Phys­i­cal Stalking

Accord­ing to sta­tis­tics, more than one mil­lion peo­ple are being stalked by an ex-partner, secret admirer, or an infat­u­ated men­tally unsta­ble indi­vid­ual. Many stalk­ers form obses­sions with their vic­tim that can result in them pro­gress­ing from the cyber-world to phys­i­cal stalk­ing. That obses­sion with their vic­tim can also lead the stalker to become pro­fi­cient in inves­ti­ga­tion tech­niques such as elic­it­ing infor­ma­tion and phys­i­cal sur­veil­lance of their victim.

Counter Sur­veil­lance & Per­sonal Secu­rity Advice

With our exten­sive expe­ri­ence and exper­tise, CTAC will assist you, to uncover the sur­veil­lance activ­i­ties of the per­son stalk­ing you. With our per­sonal secu­rity advice, you will learn how to use effec­tive coun­ter­mea­sures that can dis­rupt the stalker’s plans and frus­trate their efforts.

Legal Process Service

Once a stalker has been iden­ti­fied, often, it is nec­es­sary to seek a legal rem­edy in order to get them to stop their stalk­ing behav­iour. In these sit­u­a­tions, we will advise you on how to obtain a rel­e­vant Court Order and we will per­son­ally serve that Order upon the stalker on your behalf.

National Cyber Skills Centre

National Cyber Skills Centre

Coram Children's Legal Centre

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