National Cyber Skills Centre

National Cyber Skills Centre

"The risk to British business is too devastating, and the scale of the problem so huge, that no one person or organisation can hope to solve it alone."

- Dr Stephen Wright, National Cyber Skills Centre

NCSC offers a range of courses to improve businesses cyber security

Cyber Essentials Training

Many Cyber Journeys start with gaining the Cyber Essentials accreditation, the UK government recommended minimum level of Cyber Security controls. Our 1 day “Step by Step Cyber Essentials” course gives you the knowledge to do the self-assessment and provides a good all-around appreciation of the Cyber Threat and what to do about it. The day includes a group role play exercise simulating a Cyber Breach Event.

Leadership Training

For an organisation to effectively protect itself its senior leadership needs to understand the threats, the legal obligations, and the protection options open to it. Our portfolio of courses aimed at business leaders provides the different disciplines with both an all-around Cyber Risk and Protection appreciation and where appropriate specialised operational knowledge. These provide practical learning and advice to allow an organisation to put Cyber Security firmly on its leadership agenda.

IT Training and Certifications

These courses deliver training appropriate to IT departments in the areas of providing technical protection from the Cyber threat and help give the skills to advise the rest of the organisation to combat the human factors often exploited in Cyber-attacks. For the Cyber Professionals we also provide on-line and classroom education leading to career enhancing certifications.

Operations Training

The human element is the one most overlooked in combating the Cyber Threat. While technically a lot can be done to lock down systems and access controls these are often circumnavigated by exploiting goodwill or malicious intent of employees. Our training opens the eyes of all members of an organisation to the internal and external threats that can damage or destroy their jobs. Our flagship “National Cyber Awareness Course” guides students to be aware of the Cyber Threat both in their work and personal lives.

CTAC - Cyber Threat Assessment Consultants

CTAC - Cyber Threat Assessment Consultants