Digital Stalking; a Guide to Technology Risks will provide victims, professionals who support them including police, community safety officers, domestic violence experts and charities, with information on the technology being used against victims, how it works, the risks and step by step advice on how victims can deal with these issues.

For instance, ex-partners often know, or can guess their victim’s passwords for their iPhone or Google account associated with a phone. Once in the account, stalkers can see the exact location of the phone, lock the device, delete contacts, download apps and see photos or text messages that were synced. The guide will provide specialist knowledge that isn’t currently available for most professionals on how to avoid these problems.

Key topics in the guide include:

  • Mobile phones
  • Geolocation
  • Social Networks
  • Monitoring/spyware
  • Hacked/account Takeovers
  • Specific advice for survivors of domestic violence

Click here for a PDF of the Guidelines