DailyMail: Police Killer out of jail

Policeman killer Harry Roberts enjoys his life of freedom under a new name in his state-funded bungalow as he takes a daily gym workout and strolls in the park

  • Harry Roberts was released from prison on licence in November last year
  • He served 48 years behind bars for shooting three unarmed police officers
  • Killer has to check in with authorities twice daily but is free to come and go
  • The 78-year-old has been seen on bus to supermarket and buying bacon  
  • One neighbour described him as looking like 'the cat who got the cream'
  • His bail hostel, along with state pension, costing taxpayers £31,000 a year

The pensioner has to check in with authorities twice a day but is otherwise free to come and go as he pleases, The Sun reports.

He has been seen out and about wearing a pair of sunglasses and using his pension to buy bacon and tinned peaches. A local who recognised him told the paper: 'Nobody has a clue who he is - but he looks like the cat who got the cream.

He is wandering around completely unchecked, joking with locals who would be horrified if they knew his real identity.'

They also claim that his three neighbours at the bungalow - where he has his own living area - have no idea who he is.

Harry Fletcher, a former senior official in the probation officers’ union NAPO, said it costs taxpayers about £25,000 a year to keep Roberts at the hostel, which is staffed 24 hours a day.


He is also entitled to draw the basic state pension – £113 per week – taking the overall bill to the taxpayer to around £31,000.

Mr Fletcher said: 'Because of his notoriety, risk and age, they have put him in an "approved premise" - pretty much a bail hostel.

'He wasn't deemed a risk to the public or to himself but the risk is that people in the community would recognise him, although that risk was deemed low as he hasn't really been photographed recently.

'However given these recent revelations the chances are he will now have to be moved to another accommodation.'

He explained that the typical stay in one of these hostels is between three and six months and after that the authorities would ensure he gets another form of sheltered accommodation.

'During the day he will be unrestricted. He will be subject to some form of curfew - probably about 9pm and then he will stay in the hostel until around 7ish the next morning.

'He will report to the probation service weekly and there will be staff in the hostel he will see daily. If he is deemed to be coping okay this will be reduced to fortnightly and then monthly. He is on a life licence so he will need to do that for the rest of his life.'

He added: 'Someone that has been in prison that long will be institutionalised and so they would have considered keeping him in an open prison but as he didn't pose a risk to the public he was put in a bail hostel.' 

Roberts was jailed for life for the murders of Det Sgt Christopher Head, 30, Det Con David Wombwell, 25, and PC Geoffrey Fox, 41, in West London in 1966. 

Despite the heinous nature of his crime, for which he has never expressed any remorse, Roberts was allowed out on temporary release back in 2001. 

Roberts had lost his bid to be granted parole in 2009 after he threatened and intimidated Joan Cartwright, her husband Peter and her son James, who had given Roberts work at their animal sanctuary while he was on day release.

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