Did I marry Britain's cruellest husband? Abused.

Daily Mail 27 September 2014

Spied on. Forced to take a lie detector test. Then the bombshell: in a divorce court, she's told he is a bigamist 

Imagine. You’re embroiled in a bitter divorce case, trying to sort out a financial settlement for yourself and your two-year-old daughter, having fled the family home after years of violence and abuse. A Family Court judge has already granted a decree nisi: surely the end of this wearying legal contest must be near?

And then your ex drops his bombshell. According to a court document submitted by his solicitor, two weeks before he married you in England, he wed a woman you’ve never heard of in Bangladesh. You were never his wife at all.

Now he wants you to agree that, instead of a divorce, you should instead be granted an annulment. At first, he also wants you to withdraw any claim on his assets.

If that sounds bad enough, for businesswoman Laura Lyons, there was all this – and more. 

In the court document, issued in February, her former partner, a wealthy Devon restaurant owner named Farouk Ali, claimed she had always known he was already married. However, the document says, she ‘took the view that [the] marriage was invalid as it did not take place in the UK’.

This she vehemently denies: ‘What could be more outrageous than to claim I knowingly married a man who was married to someone else a fortnight earlier? I’m a Christian and I’ve got strong principles: it’s just a blatant lie. I do not believe he married this woman until much later – after I left him last year.’

Ali’s document led him to be charged with bigamy, and last week, he was sentenced at Torquay magistrates’ court. 

He was given a three-month suspended jail term and ordered to do 120 hours’ community service – meaning he walked free from court.

Meanwhile, police and domestic violence support agencies have deemed that Laura, 29, is at ‘very high risk’ of further violence. 

Somehow, living alone with her daughter, now almost three, far from her Devon home, she is trying to lead a normal life.

Against the odds, she is succeeding. 

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