A One Day in-house course for Probation Professionals


This is a one day course covering:

Understanding stalking

  • Ex-intimates and non-intimates
  • Types of stalkers
  • Traits of stalkers
  • Impact on victim

Digital Stalking

  • How stalkers use digital footprints
  • Electronic evidence
  • Types of digital abuse
  • Tools stalkers use
  • Digital safety

One Day In-House Training is £40 per person (minimum of 25)

Call Jennifer on 07913 745 131 or email: jennifer@digital-stalking.com 

Advice on Digital Safety

  • Mobile security
  • Online accounts
  • Computers
  • Access issues securing children's safety

New Stalking Legislation 2012

  • Changes in legislation
  • Section 2a offence
  • Section 4a offence
  • Success to date

Your Safety

  • Why your job increases risk of stalking
  • How to remove digital footprints

Comments from Kent Probation‘s training (February 2014) 

“I’ve attended some stalking seminars previously, but this training has enabled me to ensure I am safe from stalking”
“Really interesting, should be delivered to all our staff”
“Best training I have undertaken in several years. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
“The training was really interesting although I am now quite worried about my own digital footprint!”
“Quite mind boggling! I have a much better understanding of what constitutes stalking behaviour”
“Jennifer has a nice relaxed training style, she is very knowledgeable and covers a lot of information”
“This training should be mandatory for all staff”
“Jennifer is very knowledgeable and delivered the material in an easily understandable way. A thoroughly enjoyable training
If you are interested in booking a training or want to chat about your specific needs then please email jennifer@digital-stalking.com or call her 07913 745 131