Thank you for completing our survey on partner and ex-partner abuse

We know it isn't easy or nice to think about your experience. That is why, we appreciate you taking the time to fill the survey. You may have noticed a lot of the questions weren't about physical harm. The majority of abuse in relationships is around coercive control. Our research is looking at physical, coercive control and digital abuse in relationships.

As a thank you for filling out our survey I would like to give you a copy of my ebook on coercive control. It will help you understand more about controlling behaviours and the people who use them. To get your book just click below

 Download your free ebook now!

Download your free ebook now!

Please send time on our website read our advice on partner and expartner abuse. It can help keep you safer. We've helped a lot of other people reduce the harassment, increase their privacy and security.

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