Privacy Policy

When you use our website, we record the IP (Internet Protocol) address associated with your Internet connection. We will only use this and other personal information about you or supplied by you on any of our response forms so that we can:

  • protect our rights
  • produce anonymised and statistical information to assist the promotion and improvement of the website
  • contact you if you have also given us that permission

We are not a public body that is required to release information under the Freedom of Information Act. If you would like details of any personal information we hold about you, please Contact us.

Our website is hosted in the USA (outside the EEA) by a service provider, Squarespace Inc. The terms of their Privacy Policy therefore also apply. We particularly draw your attention to their section on Cookies, and note that ordinary users of our website are not 'Members' and will not be logged in, and therefore cookies can be disabled by ordinary users with no adverse effects.