Relationship Survey

Why a digital log? A digital log is easy to use and will make it simple to log incidents. The digital log creates reports and graphs that will make it easier to see the volume, patterns of behaviour and how to gather evidence.

How do is this useful?

When something has happened add a new incident and simply fill in the form. If you have a picture or screen shot you can also attach it to the incident.

We also want you go keep a folder of evidence such text messages, letters. Each time you fill in the form you are given an incident number add that number to your evidence.

Relationship Questionaire Looking back on your relationship please answer the following:

Are you currently in a relationship or spend time with them (not child access)? *
Are you currently living with this person?
How long have you or were you in a relationship? *
Was this person physical abusive? *
Did you experiencing controlling behaviour?
Did they:
Did you experience psychological abuse? *
Did they:
Did this person make threats such as:
Did they threaten to?
Please mention any other behaviour that you experienced that was difficult or had a negative impact on you.