Roland Perry, MA

Roland Perry is an expert in the field of Internet regulation and governance, and has lead legislative initiatives in this area both globally and nationally, resulting in European and National legislation. He has concentrated since 1999 in this area, first as Director of Public Policy for the London Internet Exchange (LINX), and subsequently a five-year contract with RIPE NCC. His role was to assess, and contribute to, the development of global Internet Governance, and promote Enhanced Cooperation with governments, regulators and law enforcement.

Following a period in technology journalism, Roland helped launch the UK's first family-friendly Internet service, UK Online, in 1994, and later became Managing Director of CIX, an early electronic conferencing and Internet Service Provider (ISP). Working in the start-up Internet industry, Roland soon became engaged in the legal issues surrounding this new technology. He looked at how the law was being applied differently in the online and offline worlds, as well as the challenges it posed to law enforcement.

Roland has a degree in Engineering and Management Studies from Cambridge University. His early career was in specialty electronic product design and development, culminating in overseeing the designs for Amstrad’s top selling personal computers in the 1980's.

His areas of public policy work include roles in the following:

  • Internet Crime Forum - Vice chair from 2000-20005
  • Internet Watch Foundation - Funding council member and main board member.
  • European Commission - addressing Telecoms Framework, Data Retention and Disclosure, Filtering and Blocking, Network Neutrality, Internet Governance and Data Protection.

Intergovernmental Organisations - outreach to organisations such as

  • ECOSOC and the
  • CSTD within the United Nations, also the
  • Council of Europe,
  • OECD and the
  • ITU

G8 High-tech crime meetings - lead the UK Industry delegation to three consecutive meetings in Paris, Berlin and Tokyo.

Multi stakeholder Internet Governance Bodies including;

  • ICANN (GAC),
  • ITU,
  • IGF,
  • EuroDIG (European IGF) and the
  • UK IGF

Law Enforcement Initiatives

  • Council of Europe's Octopus Conference,
  • the European Financial Coalition against Child Sexual Exploitation and the London Action Plan,
  • Home Secretary's Task Force for Child Protection on the Internet,
  • ACPO Police and Telecommunications Industry Strategy Group.
  • RIPE NCC  - Developed/managed discussions with government and police representatives.
  • Participated in the following groups:
  • Working group that established the voluntary Telecoms Ombudsman.
  • Government's Emergency Telecoms Committee which co-ordinates contingency plans for Civil and National Emergencies.
  • Council Member of EuroISPA and was a member of ISPA-UK's working groups on Data Protection, Law Enforcement and Content liability issues.