Five Types of Stalkers

Five Types of Stalkers

  1. Intimacy seeker – imagines fantasies about a relationship.
  2. Incompetent suitors – seek sexual relationships, are unattached males, social ineptness exhibits in odd behaviour. 
  3. Rejected - begins with the end of relationship. They initially want to reconcile and then can become resentful and often fluctuate between the two. The stalking creates an opportunity for contact and becomes a substitute for the lost relationship
  4. Resentful – passed over for promotion or could be legitimate, discriminated against but feel they have no power or recourse.
  5. Predatory - the predatory stalker is sadistic. They gain thrill planning and carrying out the stalking.

What is Stalking?

talking is defined as: “a constellation of behaviours in which an individual inflicts upon another repeated unwanted intrusions and communications.” (Mullen, 1999)


Ex Partner Stalking

Ex partner stalking is the biggest victim group. It accounts for approximately 60% of all cases. In many of the cases there is a history of domestic abuse. Even if there has been no previous history of physical abuse, police should still treat stalking as domestic abuse incident.