The Digital-Trust is delivering training for professionals to help them increase their digital knowledge, understand risks and how to help victims.  We know that with budget cuts it can be difficult for professionals to attend essential training.  We offer affordable bespoke training.


Understanding and responding to stalking



One Day In-House Training is £28 per person (minimum of 25)


This is a one day course covering:

Understanding stalking

  • Ex-intimates and non-intimates
  • Types of stalkers
  • Traits of stalkers
  • Impact on victim

Digital Stalking

  • How stalkers use digital footprints
  • Electronic evidence
  • Types of digital abuse
  • Tools stalkers use
  • Digital safety

Comments from Kent Probation Service

“I’ve attended some stalking seminars previously, but this training has enabled me to ensure I am safe from stalking”
“Really interesting, should be delivered to all our staff”
“Best training I have undertaken in several years. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
“The training was really interesting although I am now quite worried about my own digital footprint!”
“Quite mind boggling! I have a much better understanding of what constitutes stalking behaviour”
“Jennifer has a nice relaxed training style, she is very knowledgeable and covers a lot of information”
“Jennifer delivered the material in an easily understandable way. A thoroughly enjoyable training

Advice on Digital Safety

  • Mobile security
  • Online accounts
  • Computers
  • Access issues securing children's safety

Stalking Legislation 2012

  • Changes in legislation
  • Section 2a offence
  • Section 4a offence
  • Success to date

Your Safety

  • Why your job increases risk of stalking
  • How to remove digital footprints
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