Men who are targeted

It is estimated that 1 out every 10 men will be stalked during their life time. Many of those stalkers will be ex partners, male or female. However, men are also stalked by other men often related to their work.

partner stalking

Ex partner abusers is the most common types harassment and stalking. The majority are men stalking their ex but women can and do stalk their ex as well. The can be a history of domestic abuse, control or jealousy but not always.

University students

Stalking has been an overlooked problem that thrives in the close community campus setting. Perhaps no venue has greater potential for stalking-related behaviours to grow and develop.

When work makes you a target

It is estimated that 20% of all stalking victims abusers are someone they met in the workplace. Male stalking victims are often victims of resentful stalkers that originate from work situations such as someone being angry because victim received a promotion they thought they deserved.