Useful tools for victims

Useful tools for victims

Tools for victims

All victims should get advice on home and personal security.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts are free. You can set up an alert with key words such as your name, e-mail and phone number. When any of those appear on the internet Google will e-mail you an alert. You could also do alerts for your stalkers name and e-mail to see if there are comments about you but that do not necessarily use your name. Note that you only receive alerts for new mentions; to check existing mentions you will need to do a Google search.

When you set up an alert use quote marks around names, numbers and e-mails to get more accurate results e.g.  ‘firstname lastname’  or ‘’  

To set up an alert go to:


All stalking victims should install anti-spyware on their computers. Anti-virus software is NOT the same. You need specific software that will look for spyware/monitoring software. The following are some respected software providers of anti-spyware products

Anti-spyware for Mac users


Anti-spyware doesn’t replace anti-virus software and everyone should also use an anti-virus software product. There are numerous products to choose from.  Microsoft provides a free anti-virus product called Microsoft Essentials. You can download it at 

Password managers (available for download at

  • RoboForm
  • Last Pass Password Manager
  • Password Depot
  • Password Prime

USB memory stick

Use a USB memory stick to store a back-up copy of your important documents and evidence so that if your abuser does access your computer or if your computer gets damaged you won’t lose them. Keep a copy of your friend’s email addresses and phone numbers here so if, for example, your account does get broken into and the online address book is deleted you will not lose touch with your friends.

Mobile phone apps

There are thousands of apps. Some can be useful – if you put in ‘Hide My Text’ into a search you will find apps that take incoming texts and hide them in a special app so they don’t show up in your text messages app. This could be useful to keep more sensitive messages out of immediate view

Wifi video camera

Wifi video cameras are affordable from £50-£150. You can set-up a camera to monitor your house inside or outside. You can access the camera via a smartphone and some can even store the images online for you.

Personal alarms

You should carry a personal alarm on a key chain. There are also inexpensive door jam alarms.

Voice recorder

Buy a small hand held voice recorder so you can record threatening phone conversations or voice mail messages.

Transistor radio

If you think someone has placed a listening device in your home or work, then use a cheap transistor radio. Listening devices give off radio waves that interfere with transistor radios. Turn it on and sweep the room's electrical sockets and see if you get interference (static).

Paper shredder

Use a paper shredder to get rid of any sensitive documents. Perpetrators will go through trash and recycling bins to find information.

Register with CIFAS (UK’s Fraud Prevention Service)

CIFAS Protective Registration is a service that enables individuals to seek protection against possible impersonation/identity theft.  When someone checks your credit (for example to get a store card) they will see that your name has been marked by CIFAS and that they will require additional information to prevent someone else using your information for a card or loan.

Useful links to other support organisations

Useful links to other support organisations

Useful glossary of common techie words may not know what they mean

Useful glossary of common techie words may not know what they mean