Useful links to other support organisations

Useful links to other support organisations

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These organisations can offer advice and support on issues that affect victims.

Teen Advice

  • Childline Childline isn't just for young kids they help teens too!

  • Cybermentors CyberMentors is all about young people helping and supporting each other online.

  • UK Safer Internet Centre for teachers and professionals working with Teens

Parents Advice

Identify theft advice

If you are worried that your stalker may use your information for identity theft. 

  • Identity Theft Assistance Helps victims of ID theft

  • CIFAS CIFAS is the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service with advice if you think you may be a victim of identity theft.


Reporting an incident If you are in danger dial 999.

Find your local police website and contact details Contacting your local police

Useful tools for victims

Useful tools for victims