How we plan to support victims of Digital Abuse

Helping victims to keep their digital world safer

There are many general Internet safety resources for digital users, but they focus on fraud and malware. Victims need advice on securing their digital personal safety so they can't be tracked, spied on, or have personal information accessed.

 Digital-Trust understands digital abuse and abusers, how they use technology and most important how to help protect victims.

Digital-Trust brings together technologists and professionals working with victims and vulnerable people to understand evolving risks and address digital abuse. We provide technical expertise to charities, support groups and organisations working within the criminal justice system as well as directly to people experiencing digital abuse.


Victim's Workbook

In conjunction with Women’s Aid and the National Stalking Helpline, we will be producing  step by step guide for victims of stalking that will help increase victims physical and digital safety. It will also help criminal justice agencies and support organisations to identify high risk victims. Both of these organisations helpline will receive training how to use this new resource to support their clients.

Digital Stalking Guidelines

Guidelines coverA.png

In 2012, the Network for Surviving Stalking and Women's Aid sponsored Digital-Stalking: A guideline to technology risks for victims. This guidelines were to support professionals working with victims of domestic abuse and stalking.

It explained in accessible language the risks associated with the Internet, social media, GPS technology, account takeovers and mobiles. It provided practical advice and fact sheets to help reduce those risks.

The guidelines have been used by the police, social workers, domestic violence and stalking charities and industry.

We plan to update the guidelines in 2015

Victims' Helpline and Resources

We are applying for funding to run a technical support helpline for victims. We are also working with key partners to develop a online victim resources that gathers the best advice on a wide range of topics.

It will put the best information for victims in one place, categorised and easily navigable. It will identify where there are knowledge gaps and work to fill them.

This resource will also have specialist information that is developed in conjunction with other organisations for e.g. digital advice for victims of domestic violence will be done in conjunction with Women’s Aid.

The victims' resource centre

  • Helpline for victims
  • Q&As
  • Advice by type of abuse including domestic abuse
  • Technology and safety tools useful for victims
  • Mobile apps both useful and ones that pose a risk
  • How to videos that give step by step instructions
  • E-learning for victims to help build skills and confidence
  • Support contacts that provide the non-technical guidance

Domestic Violence Bill

Harry Fletcher has successfully worked with Elfyn Lwyd, MP to introduce a new Domestic Violence Bill on coercive control. The government announced  that they will be introducing a new bill on coercive control, as an amendment to the Serious Crime Bill in 2015.