Is There a Need?

"Social media now accounts for 'at least half' of calls passed to frontline police"

There are many general safety resources for digital users, but victims and vulnerable groups need specialised advice. These groups are often at a higher risk and require specific guidance.

The professionals who work with vulnerable people also need specialist support. Their expertise is rightly focused on helping and supporting vulnerable individuals, addressing the legal issues and navigating the traditional support systems.

But our digital society is making their work even more challenging.  Those professionals want to understand how digital issues are impacting the people they support. They need relevant and easy to use guidance, resources and training.

That is what Digital-Trust offers, advanced support on digital issues to victims, organisations and professionals that will increase protection, safety and reduce harm for vulnerable people.

 Working with partners in the criminal justice agencies, support charities and academia.

Working with partners in the criminal justice agencies, support charities and academia.

Our Work

Digital-Trust brings together technologists and professionals working with victims and vulnerable people to understand evolving risks and address digital abuse.

We provide technical expertise to victims, charities, support groups and organisations working within the criminal justice system as well as directly to people experience digital abuse.

Our Focus

The areas we focus for both professionals and vulnerable people include:

  • To develop a victim's resource that helps to identify what is happening, create an action plan and the step by step advice and tools to protect their digital lives.
  • Work with criminal justice agencies to identify digital risks and how to address them
  • Digital education and training
  • Influence better policies, governance and best practices to help digital users.


Provide easy to use, clear advice directly in the hands of victims

Help victims when they don’t meet the police threshold or experience an inadequate response

Give victims more control over their situation

Improve the victim’s understanding of stalking and digital abuse and the risks

Increase both a person’s physical and digital safety

Help victims to explain their abuse in more clear and coherent terms


The Digital-Trust is an independent, non-political, not-for-profit social enterprise .