Institute for Advance Legal Studies - Experiencing the Law

Jennifer spoke at the Institute for Advance Legal Studies conference series - Experiencing the law in December 2008

This conference explored the legal dimensions to the experience for individuals and small concerns of the current credit crunch. In today's multi-cultural Britain, with its membership of the EU, this is no local crisis, but one with much wider implications.

Issues of in-migration - economic and political - are nuanced by the credit crunch, with enhanced problems for refugees (legal and illegal) in maintaining themselves economically and legally.

The dangers of internet fraud loom larger.

For all these, and other related, reasons this conference explores a range of relevant issues from insurance, white collar crime and bank 'fraud', to legal aid and its parameters. As usual, the conference carries CPD points. It will be written up and will appear in the SOLON e-journal Crimes and Misdemeanours in Spring 2009, thereby placing this material in the public domain enabling a continuation of the debate in an online forum.

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