Daily Mail: Troll's chilling knife threat to web historian: Businessman jailed for 12 months after five-year campaign of abuse said weapons 'might come in handy'

When he set up a website for history buffs, Mick Twomey probably expected to make new friends.

Instead he attracted a knife-wielding stalker who waged an extraordinary five-year hate campaign against him.

Dennis Gooding, 66, published Mr Twomey’s personal details online and even confronted his girlfriend at her workplace.

It had little effect, and Derby Crown Court heard that the next year Mr Twomey moved house. A year later, Gooding was arrested after posting the dagger photo online and trying to arrange to meet Mr Twomey using a fake name. Under the picture he had written: ‘This could do some damage in the wrong hands … I’ll keep it, one never knows when it will come in handy.’

Mr Twomey said yesterday: ‘This has had a drastic effect on my life.

‘We fear he knows where we live [now] and will come after us again when he is out of prison.’ 

Gooding, who admitted breaching a restraining order and stalking, was banned from contacting Mr Twomey and his partner indefinitely.

PC Keeley Mansell, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: ‘There is still a limited awareness of stalking even though the problem is increasing with the use of social media.

‘Many people do not fully understand how frightening it is when it is happening to you.’

Mr Twomey added he was grateful to Jennifer Perry from the Digital-Trust, an organisation which assists those who are abused or tormented by others using digital technology.

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