Leicestershire Stalking Conference

Jennifer was pleased to speak at a Stalking and Harassment conference on the 23rd of November 2010. The conference was developed by Charnwood Women's Aid to help educate domestic violence professionals, law enforcement, probation service and family solicitors about the risk of stalking and harassment.

"Technology is a very useful tool for stalkers. It allows them to gather more information, humiliate and intimidate their victims. Professionals working with domestic violence victims need more training on online risks so they can advise victims and prosecute perpetrators" says Jennifer Perry.

Jennifer covered the risks that different technology pose for victims including: spyware, social networks, account take over and other types of websites.

If you would like more information about online risk for domestic violence survivors or training please contact Jennifer Perry

Keeping Communities Safer Award

Oxford Internet Institute - Mapping and Measuring Cybercrime