Lords discuss stalking laws

Stalking Reform

On the 21st of June there was Stalking Reform event held at the Lords. It hosted by Baroness Howe of Idlicote.

The meeting gave the opportunity for victims to tell their experience. The heartbreaking stories often covered the lack of awareness by the police on stalking and how to deal with it. This lead to victims being murder.

The objective of the meeting was to discuss if the law was adequate. One of the key messages that came out was that the two pieces of legislation used to address stalking (The Protection from Harassment Act and the Malicious Communications Act) are only summary offenses. This means that the police do not have search and seizure powers. So for example, they can not access a suspected perpetrators computer to verify they were sending threatening emails or posting humiliating content online.

I was disappointed that there were no MPs, no one from the Home Office, Justice Department or ACPO. It will be difficult to make the reforms we need if we can not engage those departments.

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