Oxford Internet Institute - Mapping and Measuring Cybercrime

Jennifer was invited to submit a paper and participate in Oxford Internet Institute's conference on Mapping and Measuring Cybercrime on 22nd January 2010. Other participants included:

  • members of police forces involved in serious and technology crime policing;
  • members of UK Parliament;
  • representatives from leading computer security firms
  • leading academics in UK and US universities involved in allied research from areas across disciplines including law, criminology, sociology, and cyber-geography

The conference discussed the most appropriate ways of measuring and mapping cybercrime to inform legislative, research and policy debates.

Professor William Dutton, Stefan Fafinski and Helen Margetts issued a discussion paper in October 2010 that draws primarily on discussions at the invited event, the public forum, position papers and other contributions from participants in summarising the main themes and findings that emerged.

The paper Jennifer submitted discussed that victims are often not sure if a crime has taken place, the  confusion caused by so many multiple reporting and enforcement agencies and their unwillingness to take a report - resulting in the loss of vital statistics.

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